Communications Manager

Job Summary:

This full-time position will manage GMC’s communications through social media, website, Long Trail News (published magazine), and emails. The Communications Manager will be primary responsible for the development and production of Long Trail News. In addition, the director will work with the Director of Development & Communications and a Communications Assistant to filter content for its best use and work closely with staff, volunteers, and guest authors to share stories across all of GMC’s communications platforms.

Job Duties:

·       Work with Director of Development & Communications to create and maintain an annual communications plan with goals directly tied to the strategic plan that results in cohesive messaging from a diversity of authors across all platforms

o  Participate in weekly communications meetings

o  Participate in regular planning and brainstorming sessions

o  Regularly assess GMC’s communications platforms through the lens of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion

·       Oversee production of the Long Trail News, GMC’s printed quarterly magazine:

o  Work with Communications Team to plan content, layout, and design of each edition

o  Lead content production and editing

o  Support and cultivate the club’s network of content creators and authors

o  Write content as needed

·       Media: Produce GMC press releases (typically around 6 per year); Establish relationships with local media

·       Supervise and support a Communications Assistant

o  Oversee execution of planned themes and messaging that will be consistent with and supportive of GMC’s strategic plan to provide regular and consistent content for GMC’s social media channels, email communications, and website updates

·       Edit other printed and electronic GMC communications

·       Participate in regular GMC staff meetings, trainings, and events.


·       Produce high quality print and electronic communications

·       Support the mission of the GMC by sharing the impact of the club’s work through story

·       Provide accurate and up to date information on the club and Long Trail System to members and the hiking public



·       Demonstrated editing and written communications skills

·       Experience managing editorial content that includes print, social media and email communications.

·       Strong time-management skills, ability to meet deadlines and work on multiple projects simultaneously.

·       Experience with website, graphic design, and photo management software very desirable.

·       Ability to work with a diversity of constituents including GMC members, volunteers, and partners.

·       Available for occasional evening work (e.g. weeknight committee meetings) and weekend work (e.g. quarterly Saturday board meetings and annual meeting in June).

·       Ability to work remotely

Salary Range: $45,000-49,000. Compensation package including health insurance, retirement contributions, and paid vacation, sick, and volunteer days included.